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Tracy Rollings Poems

41. Memory Lane 5/31/2007
42. Love Games 5/11/2007
43. I'M Always Losing 6/18/2007
44. My Only Love 4/15/2014
45. A Little Boy 4/16/2014
46. Love Is A Gift 5/4/2007
47. They Can Tell(Child Abuse) 5/8/2007
48. Hard To Explain 5/25/2007
49. Bone Disease 5/3/2007
50. You Don'T Know(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
51. Pain 5/4/2007
52. Anotherday(Child Abuse) 5/25/2007
53. Anotherday With The Drunks 5/25/2007
54. River Of Life 5/17/2007
55. My Angel 5/3/2007
56. Cancer 5/31/2007
57. You Wanted To Know (Child Abuse) 6/13/2007
58. He Cried For Help 6/18/2007
59. Little Rhymes 5/3/2007
60. Love 5/10/2007
61. Broken Heart 5/3/2007
62. Suicide My Thoughts 5/26/2007
63. Why Me Lord 5/3/2007
64. Forever 5/3/2007
65. Sad To Think(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
66. The Wish(Child Abuse) 5/20/2007
67. Heaven Sent 5/3/2007
68. His Pain(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
69. You Pay Now(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
70. They Didn'T Know(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
71. Better Man(Child Abuse) 5/4/2007
72. My Life(Child Abuse) It's All Real 5/4/2007
73. Fear (Child Abuse) 5/3/2007
74. A Child With No Mother 6/1/2007
75. I Know A Little Boy (Child Abuse) 6/5/2007

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I Know A Little Boy (Child Abuse)

sits alone each day
doesn't ever talk much
never wants to play.

The clothes he wears
are dirty and torn
looks like some thing
that has been worn.

The pain he feels
down deep in side
knowing it's killing him
something he can't hide.

His heart is broken
tears fill the eyes
everyone ignores him
he begins to cry.

Alone in this world
left by him self
feels like a doll
been put on a shelf.

But the pain is real
that he can't deny
sad part about it
no one cares why.

Learns to fight young
best that he ...

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Standing on the top of a mountain, looking out afar
when someone pulled up beside me, in a dark colored car
a man got out and walked over to me
then he asked me son, how far do you think you can see.

I wanted to answer, but i didn't know what to say
and the man turned around as if to walk away
but he started to speak, in a very gentle tone
he said once i was happy, and now I'm all alone.

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