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Trade Martin is a professional lyricist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer, recording and performing entertainer & vocalist. Martin directs and oversees a staff of six expert writers for his publishing company and besides hundreds of musical jingles, has written radio and TV copy for major advertisers for many years. While spending most of his days and nights in the studio creating, singing and mixing contemporary recordings for the worldwide airwaves in every style imaginable, he also composes distinctive poems, song poems, writes comedy and science fiction screenplay treatments. For more information, additional credits and bio, go to

Trade Martin's Works:

(1) The Recording Pianist
(2) The Recording Bassist
(3) The Recording Guitarist
(4) The Recording Drummer Updates

'You Violate My Dreams'

Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
I feel you there…, touching my hair…,
Kissing my lips…, as my heart does flips…,
You make me succumb…, as my body goes numb….,

In my brain there’s a will…, in my spine there’s a thrill…,
You’re like taking a pill…, and tumbling down a hill…,
Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
You’re a fantasy that never comes true….,