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201. 'Hazy Humid Mornin'' 6/19/2006
202. 'Foolish Little Foolish One' 7/7/2006
203. 'Fantasy' 6/11/2006
204. Creativity & Sensitivity 5/29/2007
205. 'Cosmic Heart And Soul' 7/6/2006
206. 'I Can'T Relate' 6/29/2006
207. “discover And Check Over Four Billion” (It's Easy....! ! !) 12/16/2006
208. Papa Goo-Goo On Father's Day 6/19/2011
209. Christmas Apocalypse 2/3/2007
210. Atheists In Love 7/4/2011
211. Investomagination 8/3/2011
212. 'Praise The Touch Of Love' (2 Haikus) 10/5/2006
213. Hysterical Valentine With A Fraudulent Design 2/14/2012
214. ******* 'Ode To The Benghazi Attack' ******* Trade Martin 1/21/2014
215. 'Father's Day Prayer' 6/19/2016
216. 'Sorry Sounds Of War' 6/9/2006
217. 'Prayer For Peace' 6/1/2006
218. 'Sky Star' (On A Peaceful Night) 6/8/2006
219. My Valentine And Christmas Day Prayer 2/5/2007
220. “christmas Wishes For My Poemhunter Friends” #3 (In Six Stanzas) 12/24/2006
221. Gold Bullion Free 3/1/2007
222. Outer Space Intergalactic Fanatic Intercourse 3/16/2007
223. Merry Two Days Before Christmas 12/21/2006
224. Easter Prayer For President Obama’s Birth Certificate 4/24/2011
225. 'Tragic Is The Moment' 6/23/2006
226. 'When You'Ve Got Class' 7/3/2006
227. Ghost Of Karl Marx Speaks 6/19/2007
228. Proud Old Glory 6/2/2006
229. You Opened The Eyes Of My Soul 6/24/2006
230. Love's Ride 6/24/2006
231. 'You Make Me Lose All Control' 6/11/2006
232. 'Room Temperature' 6/15/2006
233. 'Itchy Feeling' 6/10/2006
234. Our Beautiful Usa 6/18/2006
235. Squeeze 7/16/2006
236. Zenith 6/16/2006
237. Love Is A Wheeler-Dealer 9/5/2006
238. Radiation In The Eyes Of Satan 3/27/2007
239. The Ghost Of Halloween Past 10/17/2006
240. The Perfect Murder On The Perfect Day 2/16/2007

Comments about Trade Martin

  • poetry lover (5/26/2007 12:08:00 PM)

    He is a wanna be poet what he says & what he claims to be are two seperate things.

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  • Jeff Rubin (4/20/2007 1:29:00 AM)

    A true philosopher and free thinker for the new millennium! ! ! His thoughts are like an explosion of light illuminating the darkness of a tunnel vision oriented society! ! ! !

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  • Buried Alive (12/22/2006 11:59:00 AM)

    its a great unstable poem!

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  • Kee Thampi (12/15/2006 12:33:00 AM)

    I really find a great poet with great mission and vision.. he loves lordly... but never
    The terrorists have purchased an evergreen…,
    Hung decorations, built a nativity scene….,
    Played some sacred music on a cheap CD….,
    Then blew it all up to honor you and me…..! ! !

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  • Kimberly Farias (11/17/2006 9:26:00 AM)

    Well I read Trade Martin... So cheer up! :)

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  • Dan Uher (10/14/2006 1:09:00 AM)

    Romance in your Pants, wow what a title for a poem lol. Great poem though. I really enjoyed it.

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  • Gina PrettyBrownEyes (10/7/2006 11:56:00 AM)

    i was really touched by your poem 'ill be missing you on christmas'. the seamless rhyming and flowing rhythm really accentuated the feeling of longing and sorrow in this. i liked your way of seperating lines with '...' instead of just starting another line. it makes it seem like one big continuous thought, rather than many seperate ideas. i never thought of using dots like that. such a beautiful poem

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Best Poem of Trade Martin

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide….,
Our hearts can feel you…., by our side….,
Deep in our souls…, we're convinced…,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Can you realize…., all you are…,
Something more…, than just a star….,
Through ups and downs….,
From where we came….,
Confidence kicked in….,
And who’s to blame….? ? ?
No doubt it’s you….,
You, you, you….,
We're blessed by you....,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Read the full of You’ve Been Our Inspiration

'Say What You Mean'

Say What You Mean…,
Make me believe…,
You mean everything…,
When you Say What You Mean….,
Don’t say it any other way…,
Fantasize or dream…,
Just Say What You Mean…,
Say What You Mean….,
Stop talking in circles….,
Say What You Mean.

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