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Trade Martin Poems

201. 'My Invisible Poem' 6/12/2006
202. 'Miracle Mountain' 6/16/2006
203. 'Lovingly' 6/22/2006
204. Holy Hosanna 7/13/2006
205. 'Hazy Humid Mornin'' 6/19/2006
206. 'Foolish Little Foolish One' 7/7/2006
207. 'Fantasy' 6/11/2006
208. Creativity & Sensitivity 5/29/2007
209. 'Cosmic Heart And Soul' 7/6/2006
210. 'Light Years Away' 7/7/2006
211. 'Just Tell Me' 6/24/2006
212. I Wouldn’t Be Sorry If We’d Never Met 4/22/2007
213. 'I Can'T Relate' 6/29/2006
214. “discover And Check Over Four Billion” (It's Easy....! ! !) 12/16/2006
215. Thirty Billion Minimum 6/1/2009
216. Papa Goo-Goo On Father's Day 6/19/2011
217. Christmas Apocalypse 2/3/2007
218. Atheists In Love 7/4/2011
219. America Is In Intensive Care 10/16/2009
220. Investomagination 8/3/2011
221. theist pPayer tT gGd -- (By uU pPivate jJts) *********************************************************************************************************++++ 8/10/2011
222. 'Praise The Touch Of Love' (2 Haikus) 10/5/2006
223. Hysterical Valentine With A Fraudulent Design 2/14/2012
224. ^*^*^* 'Ode To The Benghazi Slaughter' ^*^*^* (Historical) 1/21/2014
225. ******* 'Ode To The Benghazi Attack' ******* Trade Martin 1/21/2014
226. 'Father's Day Prayer' 6/19/2016
227. 'Sorry Sounds Of War' 6/9/2006
228. 'Prayer For Peace' 6/1/2006
229. 'Sky Star' (On A Peaceful Night) 6/8/2006
230. My Valentine And Christmas Day Prayer 2/5/2007
231. “christmas Wishes For My Poemhunter Friends” #2 (Six Stanzas) 12/24/2006
232. “christmas Wishes For My Poemhunter Friends” #3 (In Six Stanzas) 12/24/2006
233. 'A Beautiful Night Of Christmas Silence' 11/27/2006
234. Gold Bullion Free 3/1/2007
235. Outer Space Intergalactic Fanatic Intercourse 3/16/2007
236. Merry Two Days Before Christmas 12/21/2006
237. Easter Prayer For President Obama’s Birth Certificate 4/24/2011
238. 'Tragic Is The Moment' 6/23/2006
239. 'When You'Ve Got Class' 7/3/2006
240. Ghost Of Karl Marx Speaks 6/19/2007

Comments about Trade Martin

  • Kee Thampi (12/15/2006 12:33:00 AM)

    I really find a great poet with great mission and vision.. he loves lordly... but never
    The terrorists have purchased an evergreen…,
    Hung decorations, built a nativity scene….,
    Played some sacred music on a cheap CD….,
    Then blew it all up to honor you and me…..! ! !

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  • Kimberly Farias (11/17/2006 9:26:00 AM)

    Well I read Trade Martin... So cheer up! :)

  • Dan Uher (10/14/2006 1:09:00 AM)

    Romance in your Pants, wow what a title for a poem lol. Great poem though. I really enjoyed it.

  • Gina PrettyBrownEyes (10/7/2006 11:56:00 AM)

    i was really touched by your poem 'ill be missing you on christmas'. the seamless rhyming and flowing rhythm really accentuated the feeling of longing and sorrow in this. i liked your way of seperating lines with '...' instead of just starting another line. it makes it seem like one big continuous thought, rather than many seperate ideas. i never thought of using dots like that. such a beautiful poem

Best Poem of Trade Martin

'I Believe In America'

I Believe In America…., we’re a nation of hopes and dreams…..,
Sweet freedom will fill our needs…., I Believe In America.

I Believe In America…., I believe we must fight for peace….,
My faith in us will never cease…., I Believe In America.

With His strength from up above…,
We’ll prevail on our massive quest…,
Our nation breathes kindness and love…..,
We’ll lead our world to happiness.

I Believe In America…, we are united in democracy….,
Defeating evil and hypocrisy…., I Believe In America.

Our Lord is watching every move we make…..,
I ...

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'You Violate My Dreams'

Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
I feel you there…, touching my hair…,
Kissing my lips…, as my heart does flips…,
You make me succumb…, as my body goes numb….,

In my brain there’s a will…, in my spine there’s a thrill…,
You’re like taking a pill…, and tumbling down a hill…,
Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
You’re a fantasy that never comes true….,

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