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Trae Darby poet

My name is Trae and I'm 16
I was always a generaly happy person and i still am except now I find it in making others happy.
I've had many near death experiences and by my standards I should have died a long time ago.
I hate being told things like god has somthing planned for you and god will show you the way.
I'm the middle child of three kids and the only boy, I hate my family to the very core of my soul and I think my mom hates me do to the fact that she says she's sick of me when ever she yells at me.
I love my friends more than my family.
I don't get angry and I'm not an aggressive person.
I always look at the bright side of life and try to make those who look into the dark do the same.
I found this site by a friend of mine who writes poems on this site her name is Tiara Neal.
I think I'm falling in love with her but I know she doesnt feel the same. She confuses me and I like that about her, I hate it when she's sad and I hate it when she cries. I'm starting to understand her more and more but sometimes I think I know nothing about her. I want to be the reason she smiles.
Well...thats all I guess. Updates

Fantasy Sky

I dream of you
A dream is a vision of what the heart desires
My heart desisres you

You are a fantasy
Nothing more than a dream
You're too radient to be real
You cannot exist
Neither could we