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Rookie (11/26/88 / Brooklyn, NY)

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We, as artists, are then charged with the unenviable task of being sociopolitical commentators; unofficial pundits, vehicles for change, agitators through our respective mediums, be it art, verse, etc. The proverbial ghosts in the machine. And on the heels of a black man in a white house for the first time since Benjamin Banneker, we are still called on by the subconcious of the world at large as those silent protesters; looked upon for inspiration, encouragement, entertainment and insight.

No, the pressure has never been greater.

Some prefer to use this responsibility to get paid. Some use it to make a point. Personally, I use it because the natural voice God gave me isn't loud enough (or sometimes, brave enough) to reach worldwide ears. SO here I am, a spoken word artist/blog poet, bleeding to you what I have to say. Being born and raised in New York City, I feel like I have a leg-up on many people because I was exposed to the world all in one city. The life I've led, however one may judge it, has granted me certain inalienable rights with this thing we call poetry. And though I no longer reside in Brooklyn,20 years and still going, I continue to do me.

History truly has repeated itself. We are in the midst of a movement not different from the Vietnam era. Not different from the Harlem Renaissance. Not different from the genocidal Nazi regime. Not different from the Cuban Missile Crisis or the acidic rock era where all music became blended into one. Look at where rap and rock are going, arguably the two most popular genres of music, and look where rock and soul/funk/blues were going in the 60's. So no, don't subscribe me to Lenin and McCarthyism...put me onto that Lennon/McCartneyism. Let's continue to grow as artists, so that we can shine a light on the world so that we can show a mirror to our hearts, our governments, our military, ourselves. I salute my U.S.M.C.s, my UNITED STATES MC's.

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