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hey im travis and i like writing poems. most of my poems are writen in 10 to 15 minutes. some poeple say i got a way with words. i like writing things that poeple can relate to and understand. i hate writing something bout my life but i still do cause i feel it shows people the real TJ. and like all people i have a good side and a bad side and my bad side name is Rexx 2. thats where TJ intro and Rexx 2 intro poems comes in so poeple can see the difference in them. TJ is more your feeling guy that everybody likes and want to be there for and Rexx 2 is an anger more violent guy that people jus dont wonna know. in my poems i really dont like to cuss or use words that poeple frown on. and im still tryna pick a style i like so bare with me. everybody likes Please Tell Me poem and i got to admit that, that was one of the hardest poems i ever wrote but it took me bout 5 to 10 minutes to write. i really want to thank my wife and daughters for support cause without them i wouldnt have much to write about. oh this is a shout out to everybody that supports the troops cause i dont think poeple hear us say it enough. thanks for everything.but with no futher dues please enjoy my poems and tell me how it made you feel.
thanks alot
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I Need...

I need love
I need someone I can hug
I need a girl that will sit down
And tell me how she does
Tell her my problems
How it is and how it was
Forget the past
Cause I’m here she can trust
I need her

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