trevor victor

Biography of trevor victor

so my name is trevor victor. i have gone through many tough struggles in my 17 years of living. i have watche dthe girl i love fall in the hands of the wrong guy and become trapped there. i have lost my father due to a terrible tree falling accident and i havent had any living grandparents since i was 5. these are only a few of my struggles. i could go on futher but not enough space or time to type it all ut. i write poems to allow my emotions/expressions out. i cant talk to people about my feelings it is too uncomfortable so these poems i post are very personal and i like to share it because some where out there these words i write may help someone in similar situations as i. i may not be the best at writing but i do what i can with my grieving brain/heart. i hope you find some fancy/enjoyment of reading my work. i wont post that often or very many but every now and then i will have something on here. Updates

Will There Ever Be A We?

will it ever be? will there be a we? or is it something no one will ever see? or will it just be a me? its all under your control. you decide what/who will keep you whole. and who will have a great place in your soul. and those who dont make that cut will have to keep searching through the bowl. who will get in free and who will have to pay a toll?

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