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  • Tanna (2/4/2018 3:29:00 AM)

    do you have kids? are you married? How old are you? where do you live? What is your hobby? Why did you decide to write poems? Did anyone or anything inspire you to write poems? when were you born? Where were you born? What year were you born? out of all the poems you have written, which is your favourite? (i am asking these questions because at school we are doing an oral about an author so i chose you)

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The White Ogre

Shifty looks
A tempest brewing
Snake slithering
under white knotty skin
ready to spring

A giant ogre
eyeing me menacingly
through slits
as cold as ice

Poisonous looks
barring me entry
Deadly pale
concealing the rage
burning inside.

(February 7,2004 / Philippines)