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trina ryan Poems

1. The Butterfly 3/16/2006
2. The Voice 3/16/2006
3. Unreachable Guardian Angel 3/16/2006
4. The Love Song 3/16/2006
5. The Sun 3/16/2006
6. In Love 3/16/2006
7. The Other Side 3/16/2006
8. A Fragile Heart 3/16/2006
9. A New Day 3/16/2006
10. A Sad Life 3/16/2006
11. Victim 3/16/2006
12. Be Yourself 3/16/2006
13. Lee Ryan 3/16/2006
14. Stranded 3/16/2006
15. Why? 3/16/2006
16. You 3/16/2006
17. Is There That Someone? 3/16/2006
18. What Have I Done? Why Did I Do It? How Could I? 3/17/2006
19. Fly Away 3/17/2006
20. Time 3/17/2006
21. It's Never Enough 3/17/2006
22. The Truth Hurts 3/17/2006
23. Ask A Stupid Question? Get A Silly Answer! 3/17/2006
24. ~ Thankyou ~ 3/16/2006
25. A Wise Man 6/13/2007
26. I'Ll Stand By You 3/17/2006

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I'Ll Stand By You

When your heart aches,
When your heart breaks,
When you fall,
Or when you feel small,
I'll stand by you.

If you feel you've done wrong,
I'll keep you going strong,
No matter what you may have done,
I'll stand by you and even be that someone.

If I am your only one,
Then so be it,
I'll help you through bit by bit,
I'll stand by you and be your friend.

Through everything we'll stick together,
Even if it takes forever,
We'll climb that mountain,
and come out saying I stood by you

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In Love

When you feel that strong, warm desire,
Your heart races at the sight,
Butterflies flutter when you're held,
The touch sends you weak at the knees.

As you cuddle up in bed,
When you hold hands in the street,
Your pecked on your cheek in the cold,
And given their jacket to warm you.

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