Trino Chan

Rookie (Hong Kong)

Trino Chan Poems

1. Inspiration 12/4/2011
2. Fantasia 12/4/2011
3. Shadowy Nocturne 12/4/2011
4. Hope Or Despair? 12/4/2011
5. The Fig Tree 12/4/2011
6. Typhoon 12/4/2011
7. Let It Be 12/4/2011
8. Orchid 12/4/2011
9. After School 12/4/2011
10. Surrealist 12/4/2011
11. Alma Mater 12/4/2011
12. *** 12/4/2011
13. Sound Of Freedom 12/4/2011
14. A Charming Tale Of Love, Chivalry, Trust And Hope 12/4/2011
15. The Blur In The Droplet 12/4/2011
16. The Bicycle 12/4/2011
17. Learn To Be Lonely 12/4/2011
18. I Am Yours, Now 9/5/2012
19. Star 12/4/2011
20. A Horse With No Name 12/4/2011
21. Elaine 12/4/2011
Best Poem of Trino Chan


We met in coincidence.
Internet became the place where we dated.
I was inspired by her poems,
feeling like she was a very pure, sometimes innocent but pessimistic girl.
I had a special feeling on her at that moment.

As time goes by,
that feeling becomes intensed.
I did many things because of her,
and she rejected me heartbrokenly.

Another year has flown away, I am still pursuing the girl,
who just rejected me cruelly for the 2nd time,
before celebrating another year older.

She is what she is.
She likes playing piano.
She likes ...

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It was a scorching and drowsy summer,
anonymous was wandering at home outside the balcony,
spending many idle hours just sitting in the sun.

he stood up.
He stared at the door as if waiting for someone.
It had been a few minutes' time.
straight, he stood upright.

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