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The solar cycle is entropy

Entropy and negentropy reflect good and evil

What It Means For God To Be Everything

The spirits we see aren't spirits to themselves, to them we are spirits

If all that is good is within us and all that is evil is withing the other ans each of us has our own god, why does the other side exist? If god is omnipotent, the other side shouldn't have to exist. We see this other side as an anathema. But we aren't even seeing the other side, we are seeing god. We are the little circles on the inside of a yin-yang symbol. God is the big tear drops on the outside. Not two, but one. If you are Yin or Yang, you see the tear drops as two, not one. Imagine each circle has an eyeball, what does that eye see? It's opposite. An eye would think its seeing itself, but what it's seeing is god.The reason we hold onto our differences is because we know what we see is not our opposite.

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