Troy Clark And Neal Simons

Rookie (Troy-Jan 3rd 1991: Neal-sept 7th 1990 / Hospital)

Biography of Troy Clark And Neal Simons

The poems we write are no longer writting together, Neal and I are now seperate poets, so when you see written by Troy Clark, or when you see written Neal Simons, it was done alone. But, if you see Neal Simons and Troy Clark written, it was both. I, Troy Clark, purpose that Neal and I also rewrite all our old poems, because we both have advanced pretty far into our art, let us take the old, pathetic poems that we have created and make them anew, Pour le bien de notre avancement dans notre art, nous ferons à nouveau: For the good of our advancement into our art, we will make anew.

Troy Clark And Neal Simons's Works:

-Troy Clark and Neal Simons-
Poems Updates

Evil Incarnate

I see all who die.
I saw all who lived.
I am eternal,
Never dying,
I am evil incarnate.
God of all that is death,
God of all that is hate.
I hate love,
I hate joy,

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