Trucker Jeff

Rookie (1/4/64 / Illinois)

Biography of Trucker Jeff

I found a common bond with my best friend and we enjoy getting together and reading stuff we've written. Some guys play sports, some guys have bass boats or Harley's, we have a writing studio called the island. I love the freedom of the open road, waking up someplace new each day with nothing to do but dream about words. Most of all the road allows me to miss and appreciate my baby, my darling, my wife P.J. Grab a gear and let's go. There is writing to get done.

Trucker Jeff's Works:

none yet but keep an eye out for, 'The Hobo Angel' Updates

Cloud Shadows

Cloud shadows look up at us from the ground beneath us
while their Creator dares us to
reach skyward for a touch at them
The clouds are driven before the wind.
They seem to tease us urging us on to pursue give chase.
'Come play with us before the wind sends us away! '
We watch as they constantly change shapes
and as the sunlight is bright the sky is littered
with these wind tossed clouds.

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