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ive been writing poems since i was about 10 years old and its become a hobbie of mine ever since i wrote my first poem. most of my poems are about love death and break ups but there are a few of them that are kind of randum and some that are kind of mythilogical but they are all really cool if you ask me. my other hobbies are playing football which i played for my high school football team for 7 years.i love hanging out with my friends and just talking about random stuff cuz thats what we do....i am a student at northlands jobcorps and everyone there knows who i am because i get along with everyone even if they are complete jerks to me but i dont care so wut ever Updates

Can I Keep You?

lives are for living, i live for you.
dreams are for dreaming, i dream of you.
hearts are for beating, mine beats for you
angels are for keeping, can i keep you?

trudy lynn gordon

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