Trysta Due

Rookie (July 7th,1992 / Wonderland)

Biography of Trysta Due

Poetry has been my venting space, and it has helped me a lot. With out my poems I don't believe I'd ever be where I am today, they make and made me the person that I am today along with the things that I've gone through. All of the poems I've written come from my experiences and my thoughts and nothing could make a poem more meaningful.

Trysta Due's Works:

I don't have any published books. Updates

Hating Life

The skin of my wrist to the blade of this knife
I just want to die, I'm sick of this life
I wanted to believe all the things that you said
But the feelings I once had for you are now dead
You told me you loved me, you said that you cared
But you lied and now I know that life isn't fair
Now I sit in this empty room with a gun to my head
Don't try and stop me,1 shot and I'm dead.

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