Tushar Jain.

Biography of Tushar Jain.

Tushar Jain is a Delhi-based writer. He was the winner of the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize,2012. Subsequently, he won the Poetry with Prakriti Prize,2013 and won the Raed Leaf India Award,2014. He was a winner of the DWL Short Story Contest 2014 and nominated further for the Dastaan Award 2014. His first play ‘Reading Kafka in Verona’ was long-listed for the Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award,2013. His work as a poet was long-listed for the Toto Funds the Arts Award for Creative Writing,2015. His published work has appeared in various forums; most recently in a favorably received anthology of contemporary Indian poetry, “The Unsettled Winter”.
He can be contacted at tusharjainnaulakha@gmail.com.

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Mr. Jain's Tale

Mr. Jain's tale

the only thing that
upset Mr. Jain more than
the death of his dear wife
a day before, was when he
returned home from the
funeral to find her shadow
lingering near a cupboard

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