Tushar Ray

Biography of Tushar Ray

I am a trained Ph. D. Biochemist. Besides a passionate researcher in ion-transport field I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation everyday since 1980’s and taught 'Quantum Meditation' to students in my Yoga School from 1998 to 2005 following my retirement from SUNY-Upstate Medical Center. Such subjective investigations (thru yoga and meditation) inspired me to integrate my biochemical understanding of cell function with the holistic aspect of cellular networks in our body. Since 2006 I became more interested in brain function, and have been studying the devotee volunteers at the RS Vedanta Center, Phoenix, Arizona who are eager to live in mind-body-brain harmony, and are striving for.

I began to perceive the viewpoints of modern scientists in the light of spiritual wisdom like ancient poets in India. Consequently, I wanted to combine my knowledge in biochemistry with traditional spiritual science to express the basic unity. To my satisfaction I could say that I am able to express the unity more clearly in a poetic form than I could have done otherwise.

Tushar Ray's Works:

I have been writing poems in both Bengali (since childhood) and English (since the 1980's) languages. For the past three decades I have been expressing my deeper realizations in poetic forms. My Bengali Book, 'Ek Peyalar Jonnya' meaning 'For the Sake of my Cup Alone', was published in 1996 by Academic Press, Calcutta, India. My English poems, entitled, “Om Poems: Self-meditation and Science and Spirituality in balance” was published in 2004 by Publish America, Baltimore, Maryland, and is available in major book stores worldwide.

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God Is Love

All love springs from God since God is our Love Divine
He is our omnipresent Lord and transcendental being
While holding this cosmos in a hidden matrix of love
He is spontaneous in self-renewal for eternal fun and glory!

Being immanent in discerning things God makes lot of sense
His presence in endless space also makes pure sense
As Supreme Being God pervades this vast universe
That our intellect can't fathom but holistic feeling surely can