Twilight Whispers

Rookie (30th November 1991 / Wolverhampton)

Biography of Twilight Whispers

These are my poems from 2006-summer 2010. My poems since then can be found here: http: //

Writing to me is like breathing. It's fundamental to life...and sometimes, like my breath, my poems are short and hurried - to the point. Other times they are long and calm and much more expressive.

http: //
Please listen to and support this AWESOME artist! It's not me, and you don't have to listen...but you'd really be a lovely person if you did! :) Thank you lots. Updates


The moon was dark, the sky was black
The wind was bitter and strong
I hugged my knees and wondered
Where I should belong.

My mind became all muddled
Tangled and confused
My heart felt cold and broken
Lonely and accused.

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