Twilight Whispers

Rookie (30th November 1991 / Wolverhampton)

Twilight Whispers Poems

1. Opposites 12/6/2006
2. Winter 12/6/2006
3. Friends 12/6/2006
4. Someday 1/22/2007
5. My Busy Busy Bee 1/28/2007
6. My Eskimo Friend 2/10/2007
7. Finding My Home 2/11/2007
8. Empty Sunbed 5/20/2007
9. Everybody Here Want Smiling 5/23/2007
10. Thought No° 1 – My Shadow And I 9/2/2007
11. Ecoutant Tes Rêves 12/14/2007
12. Tranquille 12/14/2007
13. I Knew That We’d Get Along 12/16/2007
14. Your Ironic Truth 4/29/2008
15. My Four Seasons 4/29/2008
16. Metaphorical Truth 4/29/2008
17. My Favourite Things 6/24/2008
18. She 6/25/2008
19. Winter Lawn 12/7/2008
20. Between The Dust (Part I) 12/12/2008
21. Don'T Hate Me For Who I'M Not 1/16/2009
22. All I Can Do Is Wait 1/22/2009
23. Fais Ce Que Tu Veux. 1/23/2009
24. I Should Feel 1/24/2009
25. From The Hell Below 1/26/2009
26. If I Wished 1/28/2009
27. Who We Never Were. 6/26/2008
28. In Time 6/27/2008
29. For You 7/29/2008
30. Spice And Musk 10/13/2008
31. En Tu Lugar 1/29/2009
32. All That Remains 3/18/2009
33. In The Palm Of My Hand 3/18/2009
34. The Snow Of The North 3/18/2009
35. Empty Sunbed (Part Ii) 3/18/2009
36. Angel Eyes 3/21/2009
37. A Sun In Your Cloud 4/3/2009
38. Healing Without Me 4/4/2009
39. Jenny 4/7/2009
40. This Is My Truth 4/15/2009
Best Poem of Twilight Whispers

Everybody Dreams.

Everybody dreams.
Children dream,
Adults dream,
Old people dream.

I dream, too.

I dream about the friends with whom I'll grow old,
I dream about the person whose hands I'll hold,
I dream about being young and in love,
I dream about loved ones, looking down from above.

I dream of the places I'll one day see,
I dream of being wild and free,
I dream of my house, high on the rocks,
I dream of the sand underneath my socks.

I dream of the people I'd love to greet,
I dream of the things I'll say when we meet,
I dream of hearing ...

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My Busy Busy Bee

Look at you, my busy busy bee!
Flying all over the place, busy busy busy.
I wonder how you find time for me, to make me smile again.
But then I realised, you were there for me all along.

You’re flying around everywhere, everywhere I thought you’d never go.
But at least, I know, that you will always come flying back to me.
All I have to do is call, and you’re there by my side,
Making all my troubles disappear.

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