Twisted Moon

Rookie - 0 Points (1989 / At the bottom of everything)

Biography of Twisted Moon

I am just another number,
Nothing without her,
Therefore I am hollow,
You should see the hearts I swallow.

I am just another lost soul,
In love with a fantasy, a false goal,
Therefore I am stupid,
I'm the man that killed cupid.

I am a narcisisstic pessimist,
Another name on Santa's naughty list,
Therefore I am a sinner,
And everything but a winner.

I am grave and I am loathsome,
In love with my corpus cavernosum,
Therefore I'm insane,
I use their tears to make it rain.

Twisted Moon's Works:

'How To Take a Good Life and Make it Sound Crappy' Updates

So Passes

Another day goes by,
As I sit here and I cry,
Forever asking why,
As I watch the daylight die.

My heart has grown so fond,
Everlasting and beyond,
Awaiting you to respond,
So passes another dawn.

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