Twisted Moon

Rookie - 0 Points (1989 / At the bottom of everything)

Biography of Twisted Moon

I am just another number,
Nothing without her,
Therefore I am hollow,
You should see the hearts I swallow.

I am just another lost soul,
In love with a fantasy, a false goal,
Therefore I am stupid,
I'm the man that killed cupid.

I am a narcisisstic pessimist,
Another name on Santa's naughty list,
Therefore I am a sinner,
And everything but a winner.

I am grave and I am loathsome,
In love with my corpus cavernosum,
Therefore I'm insane,
I use their tears to make it rain.

Twisted Moon's Works:

'How To Take a Good Life and Make it Sound Crappy' Updates

Eloquent Apathy

I see my shadowy silhouette,
As I gaze into your gleaming but gloomy lenses,
And at last I come to my senses,
It's as if I'm seeing you for the first time,
The way the cynical soliloquies of your soul,
Reflect the cyanide serenades of mine,
If only we can stop touching and just feel,
If only we can stop looking and just see that this is real,
But through your empty sighs and hollow cries

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