Twisted Moon

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Twisted Moon Poems

41. El Centro 1/5/2010
42. Expired In Nothingtown 1/26/2010
43. Swan's Song 2/9/2010
44. Crows (I Don'T Really Mean This I'M Just Tired) 3/12/2010
45. This Is What Your Abscence Does, Turn My Brain Into Fuzz, I See You When I Close My Eyes, And All Alone I Hyperbolize 5/2/2010
46. Spring Time 5/2/2010
47. You Will Remember Love 5/11/2010
48. Hope 6/1/2010
49. Forever & True 2/1/2011
50. Interpretation 2/7/2011
51. Caffienated Dreams 3/3/2011
52. Valentine's Day 3/3/2011
53. The Message 3/6/2011
54. Gamtraer V: As Long As I'M Alive 3/4/2010
55. Think Downward 3/9/2010
56. A Perfect Circle 3/9/2010
57. A Blade Upon Forsaken Skin 3/9/2010
58. The Practice 3/9/2010
59. Gamtraer Iv: I Won'T Do This To You Anymore 11/14/2009
60. Adhd 11/24/2009
61. Have Some Wine, There Isn'T Any 3/1/2010
62. Big Mac 3/10/2010
63. The Truth About Me 3/4/2010
64. Making Up Memories 10/11/2009
65. Newton's Cradle 10/11/2009
66. Three Hours Of Flowers 9/28/2009
67. Resonating Peace: For Just One Moment 9/17/2009
68. The Truth Shall Set You Free? ? ? 9/2/2009
69. Raksha Bandhan 8/28/2009
70. 456 8/28/2009

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This place is foggy,
Infested with haze,
I am still groggy,
As I crawl through this maze

Me and you are worlds apart,
Much like my body and soul,
In the surface of my hollow heart,
An evergrowing hole

Sinking deeper into the black abyss,
Not expecting you to meet me,
All I feel is emptiness,
And I'm letting go completely

Here in the facade of falling ashes,
The people come and go,
My bitter tongue only lashes,
The people I love so dearly, never get to know

The wall withholding the world from me,
Is always growing ...

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Inspired By Sunshine

How terrible are the tides of late,
How an untimely turn can seal one's fate,
How an MRI can bring relief,
But much more greatly can it give you grief.

So suddenly can your soul lose sound,
But surprise is better than the fate you've found,
How long did it take to regain your breath,
When you realized your life is a lonely island surrounded with death?

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