1. I Love You 6/13/2009
2. Letting Go 6/13/2009
3. Woman Lost To A Bad Love 6/17/2009
4. Indecisive Love 6/20/2009
5. I'M More Then Just 7/11/2009
6. Locked Away Love 7/13/2009
7. More Then A Number 7/17/2009
8. The One 7/17/2009
9. To You, From Me 7/23/2009
10. Dear God 7/26/2009
11. I Close My Eyes 7/28/2009
12. Not Anymore! 8/6/2009
13. And That's When I Will Say I Love You 8/22/2009
14. Waiting To Say It 8/29/2009
15. It's Hard 10/30/2009
16. The Closing Chapter 6/3/2010
17. No Answers 7/25/2010
18. No You And Me 7/25/2010
19. Found My Answers.... 7/25/2010
20. Trying To Change My Life! 8/26/2010
21. What True Love Is 1/23/2010
22. And That's Why 6/22/2009
23. My Black Skin 7/18/2009
24. Perfect Man, For A Better Woman Then Me 6/13/2009
25. **the 1st Time** 7/17/2009
26. A Real True Love 7/11/2009
27. **in June** 7/17/2009
28. **feelings** 7/26/2009
29. **about You** 7/25/2009


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**about You**

Can’t describe the feeling I feel right now.
All I know is I love it.
Feels like I can’t catch my breath and breathe
Your love is all I need.
You help me succeed and grow.
Your love is all I want to know.
Please don’t ever go.
Stay with me by my side.
For a lifetime.
Never to part
You have remained in my heart
From the very start.
I feel like I can conquer the world
You’re the one I adore
I can’t deny my feelings anymore
I’m always glad, never sad
Never any madness
Just plain old happiness!
Fascinating is what you are
Thank you, thank...

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I Love You

I love you

It’s easy to write it out.

When I’m near

I fear for the words to come out.

Scared of what you might think or say

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