Tyro Twee

Rookie (August 27th! 1990 / Tulsa)

Biography of Tyro Twee

Tyro means beginner in learning, a novice, i am just beginging my life so this applys to me also Twee means affectedly dainty, delicate, cute or quaint, and not to be conceded but im cute! haha well my name is heather i currently reside in owasso ok, i am 18 years of age, i love piercings i have 10 and i like tattoos i only have two, my tattoos describe my faith. And my piercings are a part of me that makes me... well me. I am more than what the eye can see. I fear nothing but fear itself and i live to discover something new. idk what else to say now.

Tyro Twee's Works:

I wish, but someday!

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The Day Before Tomorrow

Wake up and repeat this day again
For yesterday was yet the same as tomorrow blooms when
When the earth says good-bye
And all humanity begins to cry
All that was once sane
Torn apart by the inability to change
When you were told you were as small as a grain
A grain that has now bloomed with life
Pushing the world to the edge

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