U Win Kyi

U Win Kyi Poems

361. A Casino Or A Church 7/13/2010
362. Religion (14) (A Sweet Fasting) 5/5/2014
363. Burma Iconic Lady Aung San Suu Kyi (Nld) 9/12/2015
364. Burma Iconic Lady Aung San Suu Kyi (The Caged Bird) 7/13/2014
365. Food (I Am Longing For Food, Mum Cooked) 7/3/2009
366. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (15) (Sleeping Naked) 2/27/2009
367. Food (The Right Food At Wrong Place) 3/14/2008
368. Love (Living With Abusive Husband) 5/27/2008
369. Love (True Love Waits 2) 8/14/2008
370. A Drug Addict Dilemma 1/22/2009
371. A Drug Addict Death 11/2/2009
372. Chinese New Year (Dragon Dance) 3/9/2014
373. A Bus-Driver And A Preacher 2/16/2009
374. Friendship (A Good Friend Is A Treasure) 1/1/2008
375. A Hungry Boy And Foolish Politician 12/30/2009
376. Life Is Like A Rose 1/5/2008
377. A Woman With Inner Beauty. 7/17/2009
378. Love Crime (2) (Violence Caused Vegetative State) 11/2/2008
379. Father Freak (1) (Took Son's Wife And Killed Son's Daughter) 8/29/2008
380. Solar Eclipse 7/25/2009
381. A Sex Worker (3) (She Swallowed The Pride And....) 7/5/2009
382. Mother's Love (Speaking Heart Of A Mother) 1/8/2008
383. Father's Day (3) (Knowing Father's Love Only After Becoming A Father) 6/14/2008
384. Friendship (Meeting An Old Friend Unexpectedly) 2/16/2008
385. Mother Day (A Neglected Mother's Loneliness And Sorrow) 5/9/2008
386. Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship) 8/4/2010

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Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship)

A very rich man
surrounded by many friends,
womanizing, playing poker,
wining and dining together.
Every time at his own will
he paid all the bills.
One day he went broke.
At his friends he then looked.
He found them nowhere
All disappeared like vapour.
They are now with a new rich guy.
Away from poor friend, they rapidly shy.
They have an eye for their own profit.
They are friendshift.

A group of people
mingling together.
It looked nothing different
by outside appearance.
They seemed friends of the best.
But they stabbed at ...

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Tom Was Always Late.

Tom was always getting late,
Making other people wait.
Their time became a lot of waste.
'Never again.' was a promise he always made.
But never keeping them was what his friends hate.
One day, with his girlfriend he had a date.
Meeting her at a place near a beautiful lake.
Getting there in time that he could'nt make.
His being always late she could'nt take.

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