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161. So Embarrassed (1) (Not Knowing Ox Or Cow) 7/12/2009
162. A Boozer's Blunder (3) (Drowned In Shallow Water) 7/14/2009
163. A King And People 7/14/2009
164. Curse Or Thanks (Suicide) 7/15/2009
165. Fire Of Lust 4/12/2009
166. Domestic Violence (3) (A Recipe) 7/18/2009
167. Religion (2) (Abraham And Sarah Were The Record Holders) . 7/20/2009
168. Love (Love Is Really Blind) 7/28/2009
169. Food (Eating Banana Has Many Benefits Except One) 7/30/2009
170. Love (Deaf And Dumb Couple) 7/31/2009
171. Father's Day (5) (Saving His Daughter) 8/6/2009
172. Death (2) (When Death Came Very Late) 8/8/2009
173. Taiwan Typhoon Morakot. 8/11/2009
174. Taiwan Typhoon Morakot(2) (When Nature Strikes Back) 8/14/2009
175. Taiwan Typhoon Morakot(3) (Blood Is Thicker And Redder) 8/19/2009
176. So Embarrassed(3) (Don'T Keep Together) 9/9/2009
177. Love Crime(5) (Grief And Cheat) 9/17/2009
178. Love Story(9) (Life Brightened By Many Husbands) 9/17/2009
179. A Child Laborer(2) 9/21/2009
180. Animal Rights(Crab Cooked Alive) 9/23/2009
181. Friendship (A Friend In Need Is A Borrower Indeed) 9/30/2009
182. A Bus Driver And The Passengers 10/1/2009
183. Love Story (10) (How We Met 1) 10/8/2009
184. A Gentleman 10/9/2009
185. A Woman With Artificial Beauty 10/9/2009
186. A Collector 10/10/2009
187. Doctor (5) (He Was Dead But Alive) 10/14/2009
188. A Regular Act Of Kindness (2) (See The Light, Hear The Voice) 10/20/2009
189. So Embarrassed (4) (A Cellular Phone As Vibrator) 10/22/2009
190. Love Crime (8) (Defamation Was God-Send) 11/12/2009
191. Love (Love Changes Life) 11/17/2009
192. So Embarrassed (6) (X'Mas Tree) 11/17/2009
193. Two Different Things(2) (Nut) 11/21/2009
194. A Woman With Artificial Beauty (2) (Bursted Breast) 11/23/2009
195. A Laid-Off Worker (2) (Work Is Money) 11/25/2009
196. Sexual Molestation (4) (A Pedophile) 11/30/2009
197. A Pro-Life 12/5/2009
198. So Embarrassed(7) (Look Can Decieve) 12/9/2009
199. Religion(9) (Once-A-Year X'Mas Christian) 12/14/2009
200. A Sad Santa Claus (2) (Global Warming) 12/16/2009

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Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship)

A very rich man
surrounded by many friends,
womanizing, playing poker,
wining and dining together.
Every time at his own will
he paid all the bills.
One day he went broke.
At his friends he then looked.
He found them nowhere
All disappeared like vapour.
They are now with a new rich guy.
Away from poor friend, they rapidly shy.
They have an eye for their own profit.
They are friendshift.

A group of people
mingling together.
It looked nothing different
by outside appearance.
They seemed friends of the best.
But they stabbed at ...

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Tom Was Always Late.

Tom was always getting late,
Making other people wait.
Their time became a lot of waste.
'Never again.' was a promise he always made.
But never keeping them was what his friends hate.
One day, with his girlfriend he had a date.
Meeting her at a place near a beautiful lake.
Getting there in time that he could'nt make.
His being always late she could'nt take.

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