Udiah (witness to Yah) Biography

I'm a free thinking, God fearing, Christian conservative. I write poetry in many styles on many topics, and because of my philosophy my poems are quite frequently deleted from this sight, but there are other sites in which you may find them.

My love poetry is usually simplistic and straight forward. Most were written to a very special person who is not with me any more.

My Christian verses, I try to base as much as possible on scripture. I usually include Biblical chapter and verse when I can. But, there are some I felt inspired by the Lord to write and others that take an overall knowledge of scripture and would be far too long if I included references and explanation of conclusions reached. CAUTION! : When reading them I implore the reader NOT to believe what I say, but to check it out for themselves. I DO NOT IN ANYWAY CLAIM TO SPEAK for anyone else other than myself. I just witness to the fact God exists.

My political verses are basically commentary. Many are hard hitting. Most are disguised as to avoid confrontation from the left. Some are of double entendre.

Recently, I've added some short stories which I refer to as my 'critical shorts', questioning just what are the true benefits of both Cr VI (the very toxic) and Cr III (the supposably safe, I say less toxic) forms of the element chromium. For it seems if one is allergic to this element (VI or III) , or even a synthetic molecule that mimics this element, they don't need it at all.

I also have some historic, patriotic, scientific, and many others on life experiences and such, I hope the reader will possibly enjoy.

I was born and raised in the Midwest USA. A fifth generation American on my father's side, although many branches of my genealogy have been here much longer, including a small fraction of American Indian (many generations ago) . I'm descended from many tribes, with my father's ancestry deriving from Ollam Fodhla.

I was raised a country boy, the grandson of farming families, although my father was a labourer, with many side-line jobs and hobbies. I have learned many things in my fifty plus years, from the people I've been privileged to have interacted with or studied under during my lifetime.

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