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1. I Have Not Seen A Pearl 5/6/2011
2. Dear 12/23/2011
3. Friendship 12/23/2011
4. Sister Valsa 12/25/2011
5. Is Punishment Justified To Kids? 2/1/2012
6. Is Punishment Justified To Kids? - Ii 2/3/2012
7. Jealousy 2/7/2012
8. You And I On The River Bank 4/24/2012
9. To Children 4/25/2012
10. Greatness Has A Broad Heart 5/1/2012
11. Be A Mock Prophet And Loot Lo 5/4/2012
12. Oh Our Nml Flat Complex 5/4/2011
13. One Who Wants To Be A Great Man 5/4/2011
14. A Page From My Diary While On Tour 5/30/2012
15. Chennai, Madurai, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, A Page From My Diary 6/8/2012
16. Close To Nature 9/16/2012
17. Autumn 9/21/2012
18. Optimism 9/22/2012
19. Birthday Message 10/18/2012
20. Let Her Be Peevish To Nag 10/30/2012
21. Deepavali, The Festival Of Light, Bright And Holy 11/18/2012
22. Retirement Poetry 6/29/2013
23. Champdani 8/7/2013
24. Kolkata And The Bengalis 9/10/2013
25. Autumn, The Queen Of The Seasons 9/16/2013
26. A Bride For My Son Full Of Humanity And Wisdom 12/25/2013
27. Narrowness Of Human Nature 7/26/2013
28. Present Indian Society 1/3/2014
29. Happy Birthday To Dear Pikee 2/4/2014
30. Change Self Attitude And Find The World Good 8/1/2014
31. Is India The Land Of Beggars? 8/13/2014
32. Crematorium 8/23/2014
33. A Village Hero 8/29/2014
34. Alas Dumb Creatures 8/31/2014
35. Shiva Stotram 10/21/2014
36. Deoghar / Baidyanathdham 11/21/2014
37. Basukinath Temple Of Lord Shiva 11/23/2014
38. We, The Bengalees 5/4/2014
39. When You Get Frustrated 5/27/2014
40. A Sweet Word Is An Inspiration 7/24/2014

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Female Power

Female power on this earth is the source of birth
Of lives; nurtures and strives with smile and mirth
Growth and sustenance through immense pains
Bearing difficulties, strains, anxieties, oppression
No grudge, no protest, ever protects life on earth
Payable of best regard to ‘Shakti’, Goddess of Birth
A family, race or Nation can never be in imagination
To prosper ever without female care or participation

Male-Female are complement, with this sentiment
They should pay regard to each other, none impotent
Or inferior to other, male should think over ...

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Earth And Environment

Loving Earth, Lively Earth,
Mother Earth gives us birth;
Nurtures all living beings,
Green trees, green plants,
Air, water, soil and sun
Provide us with food and drinks.

Every thing, lives need,
She arranges in a splendid

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