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41. Summer Gifts 4/12/2014
42. Greed 4/12/2014
43. Taliban Militants Massacre 12/17/2014
44. Those Days Have Passed By 3/24/2016
45. Present Life Path Is Endangered 3/26/2016
46. Autobiography-1, My Childhood, Surroundings And Natures 12/24/2016
47. Autobiography-2: My Childhood, Surroundings And Nature 12/24/2016
48. Birthdy Blessings To Our Bloved Dr. Pikee 2/2/2017
49. Niagara Falls 5/31/2017
50. America Visit - 1 6/4/2017
51. America Visit: Part-2 7/15/2017
52. America Visit - 3 7/30/2017
53. America Visit 2018 5/18/2018
54. Our Visit To Purdue Uiversity,2018 5/25/2018
55. Visit Uiuc, Usa,2018 5/28/2018
56. The Lake Of The Woods Forest Preserve 6/2/2018
57. Time Passes Away Waits For None 5/7/2015
58. This Is How Modern Civilization Train 5/10/2015
59. Are We Going Towards Destruction 5/18/2015
60. Rain 7/22/2015
61. We Enjoy Rain Fall Rim Jhim Jhim 8/5/2015
62. Human Being 10/13/2015
63. Life Is Exhausted For Corruption 9/19/2018
64. A Rare Bit Of Smiling 9/19/2018
65. The Creatures Of Hail 12/30/2014
66. Natural Beauty Of Our Village In West Bengal 4/20/2014
67. Reading And Writing 11/28/2014
68. The Present Day In India 4/8/2014
69. My Land, My Native Place - Ii 7/7/2012
70. My Land, Great And Grand-Iii 7/12/2012
71. Nature Care 6/30/2013
72. Earth And Environment 5/5/2011
73. Impact Of Education 10/2/2012
74. Champdani - 2 8/9/2013
75. Education 5/4/2011
76. My Land, My Native Place 7/5/2012
77. Goddess Durga Kills Tyrant Ashura, The King Of Demon 10/20/2015
78. How Sweet Were The Past Days 9/30/2015
79. Autumn, Nature And Festivals 10/4/2015
80. Visit To Purdue University, Usa 8/9/2018

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Visit University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a name of fame and progression
We bow down our heads with love and respects to this USA's great Institution
You generously share with love and care your experience, skills, and knowledge
To thousands and thousands of learners from all over the world corner and edge
Irrespective of religion, sect, country or region, you teach and make them aware
About the latest development to enlighten them and gain wisdom and share

You are so great that thirty Nobel Laureates till date work on your seats
Whose' works and ...

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I Have Not Seen A Pearl

I have not seen a pearl,
But seen a dew point,
On the tip of a grass leaf,
To glitter brightly in the morning sun.

I have not seen a royal hero,
But seen a poor brave boy,
Full of happiness and joy,
Who sacfificed his life for somebody's benefaction.

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