Umul Baneen Brohi

Rookie (1st march 1997)

Biography of Umul Baneen Brohi

I am a 15 year old girl studying o levels in Pakistan.
I am an Unorthodox person.I am a very patriotic and optimistic teen.Anything distinguished from the ordinary world really delights me.I have a very curious mind

Well, I love music.I am a nice singer too!
Love to write poetry and short stories.Being versatile is my passion! ! ! My greatest quality is curb over anger and emotions and the greatest weakness is Blind-trust.I love being myself and like having fun all the time. Updates

What Am I?

I am every men's dream,
I will make you gleam,
The more you get me,
The more you want,
I am charismatic,
With me you feel fantastic,
I am the root of all evil,
You love me like an idol,
With me you are not happy,

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