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hey every one! my name is Elizabeth i am 16 years old. these poems i write are mostly about love. and heart breaks. some people say im good but only other poets would tell me the truth. ive been thru alot...i cant say i could take it cuz i couldnt. i almost gave up....then i turned to poetry...let me knoe what you think of them...wanna know more...hit up the inbox...

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Drifting Apart

Slowly but suddenly we're drifting apart
i knew we'd be together i knew it from the start.
it hurts so much to see you leave
i cant stand the thought that we werent ment to be.
when we first met i couldnt look away
but then we went in and that was it for the day.
you know im going to miss u im gonna miss u with all my heart
but the day you leave is the day i die and the day i fall apart.
at night i take long walks just like to walk around

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