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Uni Verse Poems

1. Be Leaf 9/16/2007
2. A Song From Across The Abyss 9/16/2007
3. A Star Beneath A Rose 9/16/2007
4. The Final Chapter 9/16/2007
5. Still As Stone 9/16/2007
6. Your Daily Accusation 9/16/2007
7. Eyes So Bright 9/16/2007
8. Each Breath 9/16/2007
9. Red Moon 9/16/2007
10. Crocadile Tears 9/17/2007
11. Time Measured By Line 10/2/2007
12. All Fives 10/16/2007
13. Little Dots 10/16/2007
14. Of Secrets 10/27/2007
15. Sweet Princess 11/12/2007
16. I Without You 1/3/2008
17. Decent 1/3/2008
18. A Flower And Something Else 1/17/2008
19. Every Night Though 1/18/2008
20. Now You Are Coming 1/18/2008
21. On On A Grave? (Murder Backwards) 1/22/2008
22. The Line Between You And I 1/23/2008
23. Just Between Me And You 1/24/2008
24. Who Dreams 1/24/2008
25. Of Poets And Singers 1/24/2008
26. Heavenly Movement 2/5/2008
27. An E And Two L 2/5/2008
28. The Giants Win! 2/5/2008
29. Put The Photograph Down 2/6/2008
30. A Letter To The Moon 10/16/2007
31. For A Ride 10/16/2007
32. Zero Is Your Body 10/16/2007
33. Consonants 11/6/2007
34. Grenade! 1/17/2008
35. Face In A Car Window 1/23/2008
36. Her Kisses 11/6/2007
37. One Point 11/6/2007

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Best Poem of Uni Verse

Her Kisses

I am a dark star in the night
Who Loves the morning dew
It slickens the flesh
Like the embrace of a lover, spent
Yearning for the Night
Continuation of our Worship
Forms, that dance in the shadows
Awaiting me to give them life
A God amongst the Gods
Who sit in the palace of nought
Ruling over the many and the known
How sweet are those kisses
Though manifested through you
Warm and tender is the kiss of Nu

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Your Daily Accusation

I was a dancing down the street, moving to unheard beat, vibrating from the rosebuds in my hair.
When I came upon a Preacher, who thought himself a teacher; what follows is his lesson of the day!
He cried to the crowd, with a boom and a shout that I was the very keeper of Satan
Pentagram wrapped around, me throat somehow, became his solumn breaker
A raise brow at his behest, he unleashed - his ser-pents: to rally up the amassed
I thought it all jest, but time reigned, brought check.


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