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Born the youngest of three, one to a brother and sister, in the month of the star sign Capricorn. Parents which are great, did the most at all times to ensure a good to a better life. Since i was little, the library was a time passing sanctuary. Inside and out, closed or open, i was always around. The intense peacefull parade, the whispers from books which layed dormant for decades, the fragrance lost to ink. W A O A

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I Am A Fool, Babes

I miss you babes -
When I am home -
Surrounded by you crafts -
Mr Dingles is sitting on my lap -
Favourably the skeleton scarecrow -
Which stalks you strawberry supply -
I miss the chocolate mouse, with the dark flavours, you so gently spooned onto my lips -
I love the taste after the taste, the one from your tongue, which splits my mouth to be accepted, by more to your one -
I miss you babes, when you lap by the dance, ontop of me, whispering my name, never stopping, then we play our g

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