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I am Unintelligible Susurration, which basically means a whisper not being able to be understood. I have chosen to stay anonymous just because. I find it interesting when authors publish their works under aliases and pseudonyms. But if you really want to know what my name is then you'll have to keep your eyes open. ;)

I am a girl.
I like reading, writing, baking, cooking, and eating ice cream.

The first poem I remember reading was maggie and millie and molly and may.
My favorite poets are: Pablo Neruda, Charles Dickens, and Emily Dickinson.

I discovered an interest in inditing when I was introduced to it in school.
Also, I was influenced to write by a very dear friend of mine who is a wonderful poet. His name is Zachary.

My poems can mostly be classified as gloomy love poems. I also write about whatever comes to mind. The poems I write pertain to me on occasion but not entirely.
Sometimes throughout the day, little verses pop into my mind and from that I modify and piece them together to create a poem. This is how a lot of my poems come to be.

I hope anyone who reads my poems can reflect and ponder their life and become inspired by them. This is my ultimate goal. If this cannot be achieved then I simply wish my readers be entertained whether it is in a positive or negative way.

Best of luck in life and in writing to everyone.
Always maintain a pencil at hand.~


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Forgotten Song

Do you remember our lovely tune?
Am I the only one now who recalls what it was?
Remember when we played it to dream of the past -
Every night, every noon?

You seem to have forgotten what it was
Did you lose your guitar?
Or did you lose your dignity?
Either way, you shall receive no pity.

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