unknown to mind

Rookie (june 15 1991 / in the house of the setting sun)

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peeps call me angela carter. i was once in a band as a writer and a bassist. that dream kind of die only a little bit though. i'm still makeing my career in music but in a new kind of fresh way. but i love writeing what i think belive and feel. but that's hard for me to do when adults get into my life and think i have problems. yeah my problems are u need to shut up and leave me the fuck alone. any way i have been an outsider in my town. but they don't pick on me cuz i'm like tell me one thing why i care what u say? fuck u. any way i'm angery in ways but happy in others. i dress in black alot. i'm what peeps would call punk or goth. i do have ancesters that have played an insterment and been a poet. edger allen poe is my great great great great uncle by blood. this isn't just a bunch of bull shit. if u want bull shit look at our fucked up country and prestident. any way if u wanna get to know me just send a message and i always write back

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the horizon alone
lands along the heart to hard to describe
as the strom rolls
bizarre shapes
mist rise to the eyes of rage

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