Unwritten Soul

Unwritten Soul Quotes

  • ''No matter how tall a tree can grow
    It wont able to touch the sky
    No matter how deep you dig the hole
    It wont reach the bottom end''
    I mean that it is like we are not the greatest one, always many people out there are better than us so be humble, and we must also not the unluckiest person in the world, we are far in better place in many people out there... so be thankful, we are in great place already
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  • ''Diamond
    Never know how precious itself
    just like
    Dont know how precious you are''
    Dont be low because of you think others are better because you never know how precious you are to them
  • ''Understanding...
    Understanding between ice and fire is warm water
    When it exist it delivers respect and love
    Even without a litte of it among the blocks
    the buildings are never safe to stand and stay''
    Understanding is a crucial element in any kind of relationship

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Bouquet Of Words

Don't ask me what is friend?
What is love? Where it lies in?
Well definition, most of us confused
With the sweet of love juice
As love has chain to fuse
Grab this love that i lend
Love is not only for a lover
Love also made for a friend
and great love for God

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