Uriah Hamilton

Uriah Hamilton Poems

521. If Love Ever Kisses Me Again 7/9/2006
522. Trusting Your Soul 8/11/2006
523. She Is Greater Than Bathsheba 9/23/2006
524. Drunk With Poetry 10/20/2006
525. Diamonds In The Drunken Glare 10/9/2006
526. Smile Graveyard Truce 10/6/2006
527. I’ll Return This Way Again 11/21/2006
528. Compress A Hundred Orgasms 12/1/2006
529. Jekyll And Hyde Psychology 7/8/2005
530. Darwinian Theory 7/24/2007
531. Never-Ending Love 8/14/2007
532. When The Lamps Go Out 9/28/2007
533. Underage Girl 6/16/2007
534. Daughter Of A Pretty Age 7/13/2007
535. Lovelier Than A Kimono 5/25/2007
536. Everything Has Failed 5/11/2007
537. Someone Else’s Essence 6/8/2007
538. My Wine Glass Is Emptied 1/5/2007
539. Alienated From The Sublime 3/10/2007
540. Remove Your Eyes 3/17/2007
541. Cemetery Dogs 2/25/2007
542. Next Time I Kiss A Woman 4/14/2007
543. Virginal Tears 1/12/2008
544. Where The Sunlight Flirts With Purple Flowers 12/30/2007
545. Pure, White Cloud 10/26/2007
546. Weep In A Flowerless Place 11/10/2007
547. Pretty And Blonde 9/15/2007
548. Dark Beautiful Woman 10/28/2007
549. I’ve Bought Flowers 4/13/2008
550. Love Like An Israeli Spy 5/2/2008
551. Weeping Flowers In A Graveyard 5/4/2008
552. Compose My Every Poem 3/5/2008
553. Touch Her Yellow Skirt 2/28/2008
554. Dream Of Reincarnation 3/1/2008
555. I’m Hopeless And Happy 2/17/2008
556. Glass Of Wine 2/8/2008
557. Incessant Thoughts Of Her 1/1/2009
558. I Dig My Mother And Yours Also 10/4/2008
559. Timeless Beauty Like A Dream 10/12/2008
560. Broken Skull Tattoo 5/28/2009

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  • Sofiul Azam (7/17/2005 5:58:00 AM)

    I read some of your poems as I was about to post a new poem of mine on this site. It's clearly visible that you are writing poems from deep within your heart. Yes, you are on the right track. See you, bye.

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Best Poem of Uriah Hamilton

A Different Sky Is Waiting

We’ve been in the rain so long
That our eyes are sore and red;
When joy is missing,
We gaze down too long at our feet
As we slowly walk through the city,
But there must be a different sky waiting
Offering love and inspiration.

Beneath these yellow factory skies,
Even the street lights look sadly dim,
Like our spiritual light within
Blurred by an affectionless life.

Things began to change
When I met you in a small bar
Not far from the school where you teach;
I saw Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
Easing out of your purse,
I knew we ...

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Unrequited Love

I have immense affection for poets,
Those desperate lovers who often lose
All vestiges of sanity in amorous pursuits.

Propertius lived and wrote in Rome
A few decades before the birth of Christ,
He wrote passionately
Of his tumultuous relationship with Cynthia,
Cursing ships and seas when they took her away.

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