Uriah Hamilton

Uriah Hamilton Poems

641. Sad Girls 8/5/2006
642. The Day God Died 9/3/2006
643. Toss The Coin 9/15/2006
644. Such A Lovely Couple 5/27/2006
645. Hang Flowers From Light Posts 4/28/2006
646. In That Hour Of Flowers 4/16/2006
647. Walk With Me 5/2/2005
648. Visions Of Welcoming Graves 3/2/2006
649. Amber Is Beyond My Sky 4/9/2006
650. Flowery Fields Of Love And Hope 12/16/2005
651. I Saw A Girl’s Flirtatious Wink 12/30/2005
652. Imperceptible Mist 2/3/2006
653. Your Real Soul 1/15/2008
654. Learning To Love Is A Fragile Art 8/17/2007
655. Irremovable Knife 9/30/2007
656. Beautiful Idiot 9/21/2007
657. When The Planets Are Aligned 2/24/2007
658. Serving A Woman 3/23/2007
659. Wineglass Saturday Night 1/27/2007
660. Lonely Dreams 4/27/2007
661. Wifeless World 11/28/2009
662. I Hope You Listen 9/2/2009
663. And Maybe Would Still Love Her 6/16/2008
664. Dreams Of Hemingway 8/20/2008
665. Inner Self-Admiration 11/3/2011
666. Adoring Mirror 5/29/2008
667. Brushing Your Hair 7/31/2009
668. Dissolving Into Ghost 3/17/2007
669. Acquiesce 7/28/2007
670. I Love Kurt Cobain And Hate Toby Keith 6/8/2007
671. Loveless Breeze 12/10/2007
672. Soft And Sensual Mouth 5/8/2008
673. Beneath Delicate Feet 5/26/2006
674. Seeking One Particular Woman 12/29/2009
675. Hindu Temple 5/19/2006
676. Blue Mystical Bride 7/21/2007
677. The Ponytail Poet 1/27/2007
678. He Who Finds Love 2/17/2008
679. Poet Without Proper Words 1/19/2008
680. God At The Bus Stop 2/7/2010
Best Poem of Uriah Hamilton

A Different Sky Is Waiting

We’ve been in the rain so long
That our eyes are sore and red;
When joy is missing,
We gaze down too long at our feet
As we slowly walk through the city,
But there must be a different sky waiting
Offering love and inspiration.

Beneath these yellow factory skies,
Even the street lights look sadly dim,
Like our spiritual light within
Blurred by an affectionless life.

Things began to change
When I met you in a small bar
Not far from the school where you teach;
I saw Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
Easing out of your purse,
I knew we ...

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Unrequited Love

I have immense affection for poets,
Those desperate lovers who often lose
All vestiges of sanity in amorous pursuits.

Propertius lived and wrote in Rome
A few decades before the birth of Christ,
He wrote passionately
Of his tumultuous relationship with Cynthia,
Cursing ships and seas when they took her away.

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