Ursula De La Mer

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Biography of Ursula De La Mer

Delivered to her 'mum' and 'dad' in a milk carton on a cold winter's night. Feed on bourbon and cola lollipops, til she was seven. Now She's a vegetarian.
Writes to keep away the polio.

Ursula De La Mer's Works:

'Breezing Up: A Beginner's Guide To Sailing'

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Where Do I Begin?

Take a bath! Make me laugh! Your the moon, in this room.
You're all round, you're all white (and sadly, black is chic)
you try to fit in,
but dont know where to begin,
the hipsters they shun you,
goths wont let you in,
you try and you try, but you just can't win.
Your a moon! your a moon!
in a room,

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