Ursula Tillmann

Rookie - 20 Points (Germany)

Biography of Ursula Tillmann

Ursula Tillmann was born and raised in Germany, Düsseldorf on a country estate. She won a scholarship to Canada where she later studied journalism. She has a Diploma of Applied Arts in Journalism Administration. Ursula worked for over twenty years as a reporter and editor for several newspapers and magazines in Canada and Europe in both English and German. She is now busy as a freelancer with focus on writing another contemporary novel about corruption and the sell-out of nature in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. That story is based on Plato's Republic. Nothing ever changes, she says regarding the similarities of people's behaviors then and now.
Her published poetry books include 'Gone to Gemaris' and Till Tales. In 2013 her novel 'Undressing Shadows', Postwar Germany, the story of two women and non-fiction 'From Hell to Freedom', Croatian Odyssey to Canada were published - available as paperbacks on amazon.com and e-book on kindle.
The author lives in the Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Ursula Tillmann's Works:

Plato in the Mountains
It's All Greed to Me
ISBN: 978 1535 102544

From Hell to Freedom
Croatian Odyssey to Canada
ISBN: 978 1492704362

Gone to Gemaris
Spaceless Poetry
ISBN 978 1484876633

Undressing Shadows
Postwar Germany - Story of two women
ISBN 978148 1238601
(all available on amazon and kindle)

Till Tales
Seeds for New Dawns
ISBN 0-7951-8805-6

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Rugged mountains
cannot hinder
the view beyond
caged thoughts -
treasured for
too many moons.

Beyond the range
there is a vision
grassing my mind.
Hope nourished by
friends touching...

The chilly breeze
will not melt
beneath my skin.
I know the warmth
of new dreams
beyond tomorrow...

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