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  • ''' You might make a difference in many peoples life's but it is important to find out who makes a difference to YOUR life'''
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  • ''' Never bottle up your morose emotions and then suddenly remove the lid. It will definitley hurt you but it will hurt the most to those who are close to you'''
    recognise those who love you
  • ''' People will come and people will go but there is no point in submitting yourself to grief for that one person so much so that you fail to notice those who are trying to pull you away from that grief'''
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  • ''Music is like an antidote to poison. The poison being the regular complexities of life!''
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We Grew Apart

We became good friends
I actually don't remember when
But the moment we met
I thought I knew what lay ahead

Those late night chats
Were so much fun
Buying you chocolates
You were my moon and sun

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