V.Muthu Manickam

Veteran Poet - 1,429 Points (5th January / Peraiyur, Madurai District, India)

V.Muthu Manickam Poems

41. Prince Of Peace! 12/23/2015
42. Lungs Of The Earth! 6/5/2016
43. Mango And Men Are The Same! 11/7/2015
44. Parent Is A Servant! 3/21/2015
45. Words Wane! 8/11/2015
46. Untiring Effort Is The Trend! 3/19/2015
47. Bird Of Love And Loyalty! 3/25/2015
48. Lies In Your Own Hands! 11/14/2015
49. I Adore Your Body Odor! 3/14/2015
50. I Shall Give All I Have! 3/15/2015
51. Individual’s Inspiration Ignites It! 10/11/2015
52. Love Began With A Sorry! 3/13/2015
53. From The Eyes Of A Tourist! 4/16/2017
54. Paradise On Earth! 3/12/2015
55. Learn From A Tree! 3/23/2015
Best Poem of V.Muthu Manickam

Learn From A Tree!

When you pluck a flower, the tree remains silent
When you remove a leaf, it reposes to relent

When you climb over, it shields
When you sever a branch, it yields

When you harvest the fruits, it doesn’t demur
When you cut a portion, it doesn’t murmur

When you replant, it don’t quit
When you cut the whole tree, it is quiet

For the tree treats you, as its’ master!
So your needs, happily it does cater! !

By silence, it symbolizes surrender
It silently shows a noble order

The tree, to its’ master, contently admit
Like the tree, to your...

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From Form To Formless!

Each form is a form of His form
Both form and formless are His norm
He chooses form as well formless, to get you to reform
He yields to a form even when a form gets deform

With such creation of forms, He does perform
With such ease, one may design Him in free-form
With various forms, He upholds a message to inform
With all such forms, His form is uniform

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