Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

Vadakkumpurath Ramesan Poems

1. Prince Of The Spring 6/30/2009
2. As She Wails 7/4/2009
3. Wings Of Freedom 7/9/2009
4. Maya 7/11/2009
5. Ruth 7/11/2009
6. Ann Yet Smiles 7/11/2009
7. Uninvited Guests 7/11/2009
8. Lamentation In The Deep 7/18/2009
9. An Absurd Eclipse 7/18/2009
10. Aching Hearts 7/18/2009
11. Mother Earth 7/18/2009
12. Memoirs Of Love 7/18/2009
13. Thankless Man! 7/18/2009
14. Hamlet In Lethargy 7/22/2009
15. Myth And Truth 7/22/2009
16. The Writ Of The Gun 7/22/2009
17. The Lynched Love! 8/1/2009
18. The Canopy Of Sea-Gull 8/1/2009
19. A Sacrifice Abandoned 8/2/2009
20. Baba! Baba! Baba! 8/2/2009
21. Sweet Rosemary 8/24/2009
22. The Bell Tolls For None 8/24/2009
23. Salute, Bhagath! 8/24/2009
24. The Daughter Of The East 8/24/2009
25. The Demon Dam 8/25/2009
26. Salute! Aung San Suu Kyi 8/25/2009
27. The Dream Weeps! 8/25/2009
28. The Bird From The Ashes 8/25/2009
29. The Lamp Of Florance 8/26/2009
30. Bread Is God 8/26/2009
31. The Treasure None Can Stole! 8/26/2009
32. The Unquenchable Thirst 9/16/2009
33. The Soul's Kingdom 9/16/2009
34. Gone Are The Flowery Days! 9/16/2009
35. The Breasts That Never Milk! 9/16/2009
36. The Caste And Religion 10/3/2009
37. The Juggernaut 10/3/2009
38. A Kid Destined To Suffer! 10/3/2009
39. An Illusion At Midnight! 10/5/2009
40. The World Of The Blinds 10/5/2009

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Best Poem of Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

An Eternal Dream

The star-studded heavens
Smiled and called her
And she out a deep desire
Told that she will fly to them
A day will come to her
When she will have wings.
She never looked on the flowers,
The singing rivers,
The ravines of the greenery,
The blue bulky oceans,
The lake with smiling lotus,
The swans that swam,
The sea-gulls scream,
The music of the nightingale,
The calls of the sky- lark.
Yet she longed for wings
She lamented for a birth
That gave her wings to fly
High and high to cross
Over to the deep depths
Of the blue ...

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when the exhortation of the charioteer,
That incited, instigated warrior Arjuna,
He who stumbled on the bed of chariot,
Rose to his feet and took the bow,
And started to swing the arrows,
From the music pelting strings,
Of the bow that did its 'Karma'!
When prophet exhorted his men,
They took their swords from the sheath,

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