Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

Vadakkumpurath Ramesan Poems

41. Mindless Man! 10/5/2009
42. The Abandoned Epiphany 10/5/2009
43. The Land Of Moses! 10/5/2009
44. The Angel In Dream! 11/24/2009
45. The Violet Flowers Of Rome 11/24/2009
46. Humans Sitting In Judgements 11/24/2009
47. Way To Fathomless Darkness 11/25/2009
48. The Hapless Man 11/26/2009
49. The Tale Of A Prey 11/26/2009
50. The Ringing Tones 11/29/2009
51. The Last Syllable 11/29/2009
52. The God-Man 11/30/2009
53. A Fire-Girl From East 11/30/2009
54. A Vain Migration 12/22/2009
55. From Womb To Grave 1/5/2010
56. What Tunred Deserts To Gardens 1/5/2010
57. As Darkness Brood Over Fate 1/5/2010
58. War For Water 1/5/2010
59. The Shaken Man 1/29/2010
60. Sublime Love 1/29/2010
61. To Unborn Son And Daughter 1/29/2010
62. Love Has No Dialect 2/11/2010
63. Saint Valentine Provokes 2/11/2010
64. The Will Of God 2/11/2010
65. True State Of Love 2/15/2010
66. The End Of A Warrior 2/15/2010
67. Solitude In Desert 2/15/2010
68. Her Love Still Waves And Weeps! 2/15/2010
69. Thankless Scions 2/17/2010
70. Brutal Desertion! 2/17/2010
71. Heavens Bleed! 2/17/2010
72. The Remains Of The Past 3/1/2010
73. The Angel Bird 3/1/2010
74. Lucky Animal 3/1/2010
75. The Death Of Death 3/1/2010
76. Glorify The Enemies 3/18/2010
77. He Lost Ma And Papa 3/18/2010
78. The World Is Unjust 4/6/2010
79. A Man Born For Nature 4/6/2010
80. The Heaven Of The Deserted Corpse 4/6/2010

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Best Poem of Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

An Eternal Dream

The star-studded heavens
Smiled and called her
And she out a deep desire
Told that she will fly to them
A day will come to her
When she will have wings.
She never looked on the flowers,
The singing rivers,
The ravines of the greenery,
The blue bulky oceans,
The lake with smiling lotus,
The swans that swam,
The sea-gulls scream,
The music of the nightingale,
The calls of the sky- lark.
Yet she longed for wings
She lamented for a birth
That gave her wings to fly
High and high to cross
Over to the deep depths
Of the blue ...

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Thoughtless I Am

When the fathomless mystery of life,
Hover me and I was left thoughtless,
I lose the fragrance of life,
I lose the golden crown of pride,
I am left with no melliflous voice,
I am like one left among the caravan,
That wades through the sand storm.
I am destined to walk barefooted,
Over the red hot barren chest of earth.

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