Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

Vadakkumpurath Ramesan Poems

81. The Lady With Gun 5/5/2010
82. Children Are Foes ! 5/5/2010
83. The Dracula Flower 5/5/2010
84. Unassailable Fidelity! 5/5/2010
85. Religions Vs Lust 11/15/2011
86. Love Not Less For Rain 11/15/2011
87. The Destiny Of Unwanted Births 12/13/2009
88. He Has The Last Laugh 12/13/2009
89. The Emperor's Dream! 12/13/2009
90. The Foot Prints On The Shores! 12/13/2009
91. Salute! Vietnam! 12/22/2009
92. The Question Unanswered 12/22/2009
93. Music From Penury 2/1/2010
94. Vanishing Vision 2/3/2010
95. Champagne Eyes! 3/11/2017
96. None See The Beauty Of The Other 2/4/2010
97. Failed Love-War 12/22/2009
98. The Supreme Soul 12/13/2009
99. Losing Fragrance 11/25/2009
100. The Tale Of Enlightenment 8/2/2009
101. Thoughtless I Am 6/21/2009
102. A Wasted Birth 2/2/2010
103. An Eternal Dream 1/29/2010
104. The Dreams Of Stones 11/15/2011

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Best Poem of Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

An Eternal Dream

The star-studded heavens
Smiled and called her
And she out a deep desire
Told that she will fly to them
A day will come to her
When she will have wings.
She never looked on the flowers,
The singing rivers,
The ravines of the greenery,
The blue bulky oceans,
The lake with smiling lotus,
The swans that swam,
The sea-gulls scream,
The music of the nightingale,
The calls of the sky- lark.
Yet she longed for wings
She lamented for a birth
That gave her wings to fly
High and high to cross
Over to the deep depths
Of the blue ...

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As She Wails

In a windy chilly night
As she shivers and stutter,
She gazed at the sky in search,
To glance a spot of light,
From depth of the vast expanse,
But no star seemed opening eyes!
Her teary eyes shelled out sorrow,
Her shell-shocked mind timid,
Her heart beat missed a moment,

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