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41. White Rosy Pink Rose 8/10/2015
42. Diamond Rings And A Slow Cooker 12/12/2015
43. Trending Then And Than 12/12/2015
44. Breath Of Spring 12/16/2015
45. My Corner Comforter 12/17/2015
46. What Love Is Love 12/22/2015
47. Some Kind Of Midnight 12/23/2015
48. Just For The Most Sincerest Reasons They Help 12/23/2015
49. I Love You 12/28/2015
50. One Soldier Tells 12/28/2015
51. Aquarius I Am 12/29/2015
52. Lovers Fairytale 12/29/2015
53. The Things That Boys Do 12/29/2015
54. Sincerely Yours 1/2/2016
55. This God 1/3/2016
56. This God 1/12/2016
57. Roving In The Presence Of Dawn 1/12/2016
58. New York City 1/12/2016
59. Beyond The Berry Cherry Trees 1/13/2016
60. Shooting Star 1/14/2016
61. Question 1/14/2016
62. Kiss Of Kissings Instructions 1/14/2016
63. A Single Day 1/17/2016
64. Treasure Trove 1/18/2016
65. Existences 1/24/2016
66. I Butterfly 2/2/2016
67. The Obscure One 2/2/2016
68. Pen Of A Wizard 2/3/2016
69. The Quieting 2/6/2016
70. Love Sickness 2/7/2016
71. The Blackness 2/7/2016
72. Sleep. Phantom 2/11/2016
73. Ten Years Old 2/12/2016
74. Night And Day Sashay 2/13/2016
75. Paint Me A Portrait 2/14/2016
76. Colors 2/23/2016
77. One Of The Worst Things On Planet Earth 2/24/2016
78. The Man The King 3/8/2016
79. Grandma's Living Room 3/25/2016
80. Fear Of Drowning 3/29/2016

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I Amuse Myself

When no one else is around I amuse myself
while sitting down
And bring myself loads of joy
when I pretend to be a stand up comedian
Amusing all my friends.
I amuse myself then.

Nothing else to do while sitting in the
Pew. I might as well count my blessings
And amuse myself while confessing
When the day is gone I'm asleep I amuse
Myself with my nightmares as I'm screaming.

I amuse myself with fun and jokes GALES
Of laughter there after. Funny patrols the
Hall's Of speckled jest. Ha! I amuse myself
At my own request.
When muscles ...

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Do not give thought to your stagnant place.
Everyone has their station in life.
No matter if you've been told other wise in the scheme of things you
Will earn your place in life.
The certificate from the furthest dark of toil.

Ink undried. Think in kind. Link in time.
From the filthiest of soil.
Endurance patients wealth poverty all in all the same.

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