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81. A Flower Is A Rose Is A Flower 6/27/2016
82. Words Hurt Worse 7/26/2016
83. Winsome Rose 8/12/2016
84. Good Winter Day 8/12/2016
85. Charismatic Sweetness Sugar Sugar 8/12/2016
86. Hearts Desire 8/13/2016
87. Music Of Mine. 8/15/2016
88. The Bluest Rose 8/21/2016
89. This Is All Because I'm Happy 8/22/2016
90. Prone To Rose Poems 9/21/2016
91. What It's Worth 9/27/2016
92. Shala Illustrious Emotion 10/1/2016
93. I Hate The Facts 10/13/2016
94. Thoughts Of Royalty 10/22/2016
95. Twilight Before The Dawn 11/12/2016
96. Up The Staircase Of My Life 11/16/2016
97. I Have Problems 11/27/2016
98. Local 41 - Eyes And Faces 11/28/2016
99. Expect Changes 11/29/2016
100. Dozing On A Sleepy Dawn 12/1/2016
101. In Comes The Future 12/4/2016
102. Yesterdays Yearnings 12/15/2016
103. Sonnet Of My Words 12/16/2016
104. Those Yesterday Yearnings 12/16/2016
105. Added To The List Of Beautiful Things 12/18/2016
106. Day Walker 12/25/2016
107. I Chase The Wind 12/27/2016
108. Magic Of Mystery 12/29/2016
109. Flavors Of Love 1/1/2017
110. Spoken Words 1/3/2017
111. Symphony Orchestra Of Love 1/12/2017
112. Happiness Of Life 1/21/2017
113. Strawberry Daydream 1/23/2017
114. Rainbow Show 1/30/2017
115. Skeptics Night 1/31/2017
116. Fire A Maverick 2/2/2017
117. Love Is These Things 2/4/2017
118. Soundlessness Of Solitude 2/8/2017
119. All Day Long Seasons Of Song 2/18/2017
120. Masters Of Tragedy 2/20/2017

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Best Poem of Val Brooklyn Rogers

A Twisted Spring In Bloom

A freshly frosted rose
Starry summer skies
Tasting a glistening snowflake
Singing acappella of love
The twinkling of a million
Billion stars
A RAINBOW soaking up a perfect

NATURE LOVES spring in bloom

The TRICKLING of dew drops
At the bursting of spring
Strolling down by the
Rose bloom. Each one at
Its assigned time. None
To soon.

Sing everything a love
Song. Aching to watch an
Early moon cast its blue

Palms Perspiring at the
Thought of holding ...

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Do not give thought to your stagnant place.
Everyone has their station in life.
No matter if you've been told other wise in the scheme of things you
Will earn your place in life.
The certificate from the furthest dark of toil.

Ink undried. Think in kind. Link in time.
From the filthiest of soil.
Endurance patients wealth poverty all in all the same.

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