Val Brooklyn Rogers

Val Brooklyn Rogers Quotes

  • ''Naked and defenseless owning nothing in this world I was born crying like a little girl.''
    Life and birth
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  • ''You can hear a billion echoes in a poem of a few words, out loud.''
    Just a thought
  • ''OMG Is not a prayer. even though the G represents GOD.Do you expect a text from him?''
  • ''I have no intention of turning 50y next year So I think i'll just Loiter here in this year with 49y.''
    On turning fifty years old.
  • ''I dare you to go further than the furthest. Dream the impossible dream. Set the WORLD ablaze. Live the extraordinary life you've saved.
    Val Brooklyn Rogers''
  • ''It's understandable. I don't mow my lawn. I prefer the manual method. I cut my grass One blade at a time. It's more precise.''
  • ''laughing out loud all the days of
    Your life causes humorous
    Growths of magical joy. A condition
    Developed from consuming excessive
    Amounts of happiness.''
    Life long laughter.

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Best Poem of Val Brooklyn Rogers

A Twisted Spring In Bloom

A freshly frosted rose
Starry summer skies
Tasting a glistening snowflake
Singing acappella of love
The twinkling of a million
Billion stars
A RAINBOW soaking up a perfect

NATURE LOVES spring in bloom

The TRICKLING of dew drops
At the bursting of spring
Strolling down by the
Rose bloom. Each one at
Its assigned time. None
To soon.

Sing everything a love
Song. Aching to watch an
Early moon cast its blue

Palms Perspiring at the
Thought of holding ...

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Moonlight Romancing

Shimmering darkness
Playing in the background a
Symphony orchestra tunes

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