Val Brooklyn Rogers

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  • ''Naked and defenseless owning nothing in this world I was born crying like a little girl.''
    Life and birth
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  • ''You can hear a billion echoes in a poem of a few words, out loud.''
    Just a thought
  • ''OMG Is not a prayer. even though the G represents GOD.Do you expect a text from him?''
  • ''I have no intention of turning 50y next year So I think i'll just Loiter here in this year with 49y.''
    On turning fifty years old.
  • ''I dare you to go further than the furthest. Dream the impossible dream. Set the WORLD ablaze. Live the extraordinary life you've saved.
    Val Brooklyn Rogers''
  • ''It's understandable. I don't mow my lawn. I prefer the manual method. I cut my grass One blade at a time. It's more precise.''
  • ''laughing out loud all the days of
    Your life causes humorous
    Growths of magical joy. A condition
    Developed from consuming excessive
    Amounts of happiness.''
    Life long laughter.

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Best Poem of Val Brooklyn Rogers

I Amuse Myself

When no one else is around I amuse myself
while sitting down
And bring myself loads of joy
when I pretend to be a stand up comedian
Amusing all my friends.
I amuse myself then.

Nothing else to do while sitting in the
Pew. I might as well count my blessings
And amuse myself while confessing
When the day is gone I'm asleep I amuse
Myself with my nightmares as I'm screaming.

I amuse myself with fun and jokes GALES
Of laughter there after. Funny patrols the
Hall's Of speckled jest. Ha! I amuse myself
At my own request.
When muscles ...

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Super Star

Camera engaging
Strictly amazing

Focusing bring it in
Spinning grinning

Beautiful motions
Black suede skin

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