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A reviewer, storyteller, writer, & librarian. Current reviews are in The Ruach: newsletter of Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, California. Quote: 'Val could read the phone book and make it sound good! ' A podcast of Val reading Gershon's Monster is at http: //
Click 'play now'. To hear Chanukkah Guest, a story by Eric Kimmel, go http: // yourjewishneighborhood/yjn-19.mp3 April 08 Val won 1st & 2nd for short and long poems at Pleasanton, CA Poetry & Arts Festival. Also, poems Carbon Futures and Blowout appear on CA Poet Laureate Al Young's website> Wild Blue Yonder section. Other readings, etc. are on blog HoopDance at Early reviews also appear in archives of The Booklist (Chicago) and Library Journal(New York) . Early poems were published in Anthology: a Collection of Cape Cod Writers, from Woods Hole Press.

Val Morehouse's Works:

A.N.T.H.O.L.O.G.Y.: a Collection of Cape Cod Poets Updates

Mad Kitchen

____With apologies to Pablo Neruda.

Electricity makes hot points to
the lightbulb. Water snaps
ready on the stove.

Pots utter provocative remarks.
The candidates are lined up to introduce themselves.
It is worse than a political convention.

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