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A reviewer, storyteller, writer, & librarian. Current reviews are in The Ruach: newsletter of Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, California. Quote: 'Val could read the phone book and make it sound good! ' A podcast of Val reading Gershon's Monster is at http: //
Click 'play now'. To hear Chanukkah Guest, a story by Eric Kimmel, go http: // yourjewishneighborhood/yjn-19.mp3 April 08 Val won 1st & 2nd for short and long poems at Pleasanton, CA Poetry & Arts Festival. Also, poems Carbon Futures and Blowout appear on CA Poet Laureate Al Young's website> Wild Blue Yonder section. Other readings, etc. are on blog HoopDance at Early reviews also appear in archives of The Booklist (Chicago) and Library Journal(New York) . Early poems were published in Anthology: a Collection of Cape Cod Writers, from Woods Hole Press.

Val Morehouse's Works:

A.N.T.H.O.L.O.G.Y.: a Collection of Cape Cod Poets Updates


New city. No job. No apartment.
Behold the unemployed,
plastic slicker dripping like a lab specimen
ready for formaldehyde;
or a turkey in cold storage.
All bad judgment and worse luck,
will my number ever turn up?

Moving in lines toward desks

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