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i'm just a high-school senior. nothing special. not an aspiring poet or anything; i've just always loved writing. even though i don't plan on making anything of it, it would be a shame to let my writing skills (be they modest at best) get all rusty while i pursue my one true love: art. i do have my 'paper cup' poem published in an anthology called 'stories of life, ' however. either way, if you want to read some poems other than mine, check out james grengs. thank you to anyone and everyone who reads my poems, and an extraspecial uber-thanks to those who actually rate them. remember: teenagers need voting-lovin' too! Updates

New Growth

they say nothing can live
in the frost-bound coldness
of december, but here,
unfolding despite this bitter air:
the fresh feel
of warm hands under mine.
the glass-edged leaves
beneath our feet melt into
liquid leather softness,
of what grows here
in december.

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