Valerie Russo

Rookie (July 8,1996 / Bridgeport, Ct)

Biography of Valerie Russo

I was born on July 8, in St. Vincent's Hospital in Bridgeport. My twin sister was born 11 minutes before me. I lived with my family of four for ten years in Bridgeport, until we moved to Norwalk where I am currently living. I was raised in a Christian home (take note, BAPTIST CHRISTIAN not catholic! ! !) and got saved on May 6,2012. I want everyone reaading this to know that Jesus loves them and wants to save them. God bless! Updates

God = Love

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love won't leave you left behind
Love will hold your hand and say
Everything will be okay.
Love will stay when others leave
Love has hope, don't you believe?
Look ahead and don't you see
Love is waiting there for me.

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